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Situated on the majestic waters of River Rhine, located in Northern Switzerland, lies the beautiful city of Basel. The bi-lingual city is the house to a plethora of visual treats and creative activities to indulge in. The allure of its natural greenery and touches of medieval blemishes on the streets makes this place a photographer’s paradise. The sunny and cheerful climate is one of the main reasons why the city is the perfect weekend getaway as well as a tourist destination. Basel claims 300 days of sunshine every year. Considering that the scent of summer dangles in the air almost throughout the year. So, get a nice tan in the temperate climate or relax on the banks of Rhine to beat the heart. The city offers both sides of the coin.

Basel       |   Image by Photo-pixler

Basel is one of those places which are concentrated with its rich culture. Carnival of Basel, a spectacular display of the city’s glorious and soulful culture is the biggest carnival in Switzerland. The festival commences with a string of lanterns launched to float in the sky followed by three days of vigorous merrymaking, processions, masquerades, vivid display of art, and music.


Basel Rathaus       |        Image by Tama66

A perfect destination is one which serves you options to treat your taste buds and Basel has got it all covered. Find the delicious fondue, rosti and Swiss wine stocked in their amazing chain of restaurants and cafes.

The vibrant mood of the city is evident in the art, galleries, museums, opera houses, and theatre it has to offer. From the jaw-dropping aesthetic of Papiermühle to the contrasting colour schemes in Kunstmuseum Basel, the city has the knack to give you an unforgettable experience.

Image by Tinuzeller from flickr

Zoologischer Garten (Zoo)

Animal lovers or wildlife photography enthusiasts have chosen their perfect retreat by planning a trip here. Locally known as Zolli, breeds cheetahs and rhinoceros successfully. It is the home to a rage of predators, primates, mammals, reptiles, birds, and aquatic life. The lion enclosure and monkey house being the highlights.

Image by  fresh888  from flickr

Kunstmuseum Basel (Museum of Art)

This museum is considered to be the home to a collection of the finest paintings in Switzerland. From works of Gauguin, Van Gogh, Corot, Cézanne, Braque, Picasso, Kandinsky to Klee, Dali, Max Ernst, Léger, Chagall, it’s all here. This is the perfect paradise to an aesthete or art-head.

Image by Momentmal from Pixabay

Papiermühle (Paper Mill Museum)

Basel is the home to a variety of incredible museums and Papiermühle is one of its highlights. Originated from a medieval canal with an operating waterwheel, it was an old paper mill that has now been turned into a museum. It displaces writing, its development from primitive pictographs to modern typography, printing, paper, and all about its functioning.

Image by Tama66 from pixabay

Rathaus (Town Hall) and Marktplatz

Another beautiful site around Old Town is the vibrant Town Hall with its majestic solid red square, Basel Rathaus, disguised in its colourful painted façade. The colourful courtyard with a trail of ancient paintings, the local produce, food specialities, and a variety of flowers make the ambience graceful, friendly and warm.

Image by bboellinger from pixabay

Old Town

Rich with a cultural display, Romanesque churches, stony streets, medieval-styled corners with jaw-dropping views of the River Rhine proves to be one of the best spots in the city you need to explore. The enchanting beauty of the Catholic churches and blemishes of modern art on the old squares are worth taking a picture at. The Old Town consists of many places such as the famous Basler Münster.

Image by Hans from pixabay

Basler Münster

The unparalleled architecture, grotesque feel, an eerie yet alluring interior of this marvellous site will leave you mesmerized. The beautiful church has cloisters and the tomb of the humanist Erasmus. The magical sight of the Romanesque St Gallen portal (Galluspforte) prints an image in your mind that stays with you a little longer than you realise.

The gothic old city with a touch of contemporary patterns is the home to rich culture, heritage, art, and cuisine. Basel has a dense combination of its plethora of architectural treats and scenic greenery that makes your trip unforgettable. Some of the places you can visit to make the most out of your trip are

Image by Werni from pixabay


is a handsome rugged mountain range comprising several high peaks. Tomlishorn is the highest peak among the other ones. The mountain massif provides splendid views of Lucerne and outstanding scenery of the range. Lying in the vicinity of 102 km from Basel, this place is highly recommended.

Image by vasile23 from flickr

St Ursanne

Legend says the town was founded by the Irish monk Ursicinus, which is now a storehouse to some amazing local delicacies, fun activities and a wide crisp blue sky. It is located at a distance of 66.5 km from Basel. With the connectivity of buses and taxis, the place can be easily accessed. The town has a strong gothic essence as it has kept its medieval vibe intact till date. Indulge in the small town treats of Ursanne and treasure the things it has to offer.


the second most popular city in Switzerland lies at a distance of just km from Basel. Geneva is blessed with the rugged beauty of the Alps and Jura mountains. It also provides some spectacular views of Mount Blanc. Besides the raw beauty of nature, the city is the home to United Nations headquarters. The city lies about 254 km away from Basel and can be easily accessed by trains, trams, buses or even taxis. So, do not over think it. Make a stop at the luxurious city of Geneva.

Image by Rene Staempfli from Pixabay


situated at a close proximity of 139.6 km from the majestic city of Basel, Stein-am-Rhein will make your jaw drop. Nestled in the canton of Schaffhausen, the historic town is known for the old medieval styled houses it has managed to preserve till now. Take a stroll in the enchanting streets of the city and forget about your everyday hustle.

Image by C B from Pixabay


lying at a distance of 126.4 km from Basel, this beautiful bilingual town lies on the southeast shore of Lake Murten. The medieval styled municipality is the home to many archaeological sites and provides a good view of Swiss lush greenery. A must visit when in town.

Image by Lars Schlageter from Pixabay

Berner Oberland

is one of the best touristy spots lying in the Jungfrau region. The place facilitates many fun activities like hiking and trekking as well as offers splendid views of the natural beauty present in Switzerland. The hilly range is located 165km away from Basel and is well linked by a good connectivity of roads, buses and taxis. So put on your travel pants and extend your trip. You ought to experience the surprises Berner Oberland has to offer.

Image by  andres_pavia1 from flickr


the beautiful town lies at a distance of just 52 km away from Basel and can be easily reached out. It is known for the glorious castle it has along with the rich medieval atmosphere the city has enveloped around it. You must visit the city whenever in Basel.

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