Airport Transfers in Bari

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Considered as one of the most historic towns of southern history, Bari provides numerous options to reach to the city centre from the airport. Although airport transfers from Bari can be done via a number of ways, however, three most accessible ways to travel from the airport to the city centre are bus, trains and taxis.

Battery Bus
Bus, Bari     |       Image by Misanthropic One from flickr 

If you’re tired and looking to crash on your bed without wasting one moment, trains are the most advisable option to cut the time short and reach to your accommodation in a blink of an eye. A single ticket from the airport to the city centre falls somewhere around 5 EUR and the journey takes exactly 20 minutes. Bari airport transfers to the city are now made easy by the trains. 

Busses can be taken right outside from the airport, as soon as you exit, you will be able to see a board with direction for the bus which leads to the city centre. If you are lucky enough, you’ll get a seat in the bus as busses are usually very crowded, especially during the peak season when the city is full with travellers and potential explorers. The journey takes approximately half an hour, even more during May and June, a single ticket can be bought for just 2 EUR, the ticket can be bought directly from the bus drivers, however make sure to keep some change as there’s no alternative to the payment method.

Bari airport transfers in private taxis are as relaxing as it sounds, imagine not running for the bus tickets or wondering about how you’re going to fit all the luggage in a bus full of people. While with Rydeu, we have got it all covered for you, you would be able to find a driver standing right outside the airport and drop you off at your desired destination without any trouble. So what are you waiting for?  Bari taxi transfers are just a click away.