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Bari City Guide

Squatting on the Adriatic Sea in the southern part of the country, Bari is the capital city of the Apulia region and is regarded to be the second most important city in the southern part of the country. A contemporary town hosting the majority of the youth crowd and boasts rich history and culture to attract tourists all around the world, the rustic town is seen to contain the bones of St. Nicholas in Basilica di San Nicola. 

Bari City        |        Image by Robert Cutts from flickr 

Having the power to entertain all sorts of travelers from adventure junkies to history lovers and serenity seekers, Bari has the charm to sway them all with the numerous facilities that it provides to its visitors. Roaming around in the city would make you witness some of the most alluring buildings standing tall, the vibrant nightlife is high on life and unites all the fun lovers under a roof to celebrate the victory from their regular schedule. The jaw-dropping archeological museum is the pride that the city has, beautiful architecture and historical material present inside of the building will sway every mind that witnesses its beauty. Situated at the close proximity to some of the most visited places in Italy, Bari is a must visited place for everyone out there. 


Port, Bari         |        Image by ingKe888 from flickr

Bari has started to make it in the itinerary of most of the travelers who are planning to explore the southern part of the country, dive in the culture and taste the fine cuisine that it displays. Once you step your foot inside the city, you can feel fresh veggies growing, the smell of raw olive oil from smoking chicken dangling in the air and when you’re done exploring the food, make sure to save some room for the desserts. Some of the most delicious dishes in the city are orecchiette alle cime di rape e salsiccia, panzarotti, and fresh seafood. 

Best Time To Visit Bari 

The best time is early spring, summer, and autumn. Usually, the peak seasons are May and June when the city is crawling with visitors from all around the world. You might even be able to witness the huge festival that is arranged during the month of May. However, you have to prepare to spend a bit more than you would’ve spent while visiting during an offseason. It is highly advisable to avoid visiting Bari from November to January, the chances of raining increases significantly and the weather is noted to be cool and bleak which might suck the fun out of your trip.