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Antwerp international Airport         |          Image by kitmasterbloke from flickr 

Serving Antwerp and the surrounding Flanders region, Antwerp International Airport is a small commercial airport. It handled 273,130 passengers in 2017.

The French group Egis owns LEM Antwerp International Airport NV and partakes in a LEM-LOM management structure created by the Flemish government. The commercial exploitation of the airport (LEM) is done by Egis whereas the basic infrastructure (LOM) is handled by the government.

Originally called Aéro-Club d’Anvers, it was founded in 1909. The airfield was officially opened and the Antwerp flying school was established by Jean Stampe and Maurice Vertongen in 1923. The first air route Rotterdam-Antwerp-Brussels-Strasbourg-Basel was opened by Sabena the next year. The airfield served as a test and transit base for the nearby Erla Factories during the German occupation, after 1941 which resulted in the construction of the runway by the Germans. There was a drastic increase in traffic and investments after Delta Air Transport started to fly the Antwerp-Amsterdam route for KLM in 1967. Antwerp Airport grew as a regional cargo Center in the 1980s and the first flight of VLM was introduced in 1993. The airport hit its peak in 2001 with more than 270 000 passengers.

Airline companies including TUI fly & Air Antwerp fly frequently to 11 European destinations. Charter flights, private flights and training flights are also operated from the airport. There are multiple flying schools located in the airport and it is additionally home to several hangars for private aircraft, and to the Museum Stampe-Vertongen. There are operators of business jets, aircraft maintenance and repair workshops on the airport grounds too.

For easy currency exchange, an ATM and exchange machine are located in the terminal dispensing both Euros and Pound Sterling. Enjoy a delicious meal at the outdoor terrace of the restaurant which overlooks the runway. Providing a vast variety of everyday items and gifts, a small airport shop is located in the terminal with a new food market and bar. For lost and found, the information desk can be contacted for further assistance. There is a unique on-site Stampe and Vertongen Museum which explores the lives of aviation pioneers Stampe and Maurice Vertongen. 


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