Sightseeing Transfers in Amsterdam

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Photo by Kata Pal from  Pexels

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Touted as “The Venice of North'', Amsterdam attracts almost 20 million tourists every year. With canals criss crossed over the city, a backdrop of progressive culture and quaint cafes, Amsterdam woos and dazzles everyone who comes here.

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River Architucture, Amsterdam        |        Image by Lubov Lisitsa

Originated as a small fishing village, the early settlers of Amsterdam built dikes on both sides of the river to prevent flooding and later on, would build dams over the dikes. Swiftly, the city expanded its business and became the country’s biggest commercial town and port. After the Second World War, urbanization accelerated and suburbs were built at a rapid speed. Buildings were made into monuments, bridges were built, and three of Amsterdam’s bridges were turned into a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010.From the breath-taking architecture, to the booming nightlife, Amsterdam provides something for everyone to take back. 

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Cycling Lifestyle, Amsterdam        |        Image by Chait Goli

The Canal Ring, a concentric ring of canals provides the idyllic scenic beauty with 17th century old mansions built alongside it. With a good book and a warm cup of coffee from the adjoining cafes, take a canal ride and enjoy the pleasant postcard view.The Jordaan, built right beside the Canal Ring, is the most beloved neighborhood of the city. Imagine jovial pubs and bars lit up with the smiles of the tourists and the farmers alike. Take a stroll in this art district and get lost in the antique shops and tiny restaurants which leave everyone delighted.

Cycling in Amsterdam is a lifestyle, with the majority of the population on bikes, whizzing to their stops. Spend a day exploring the countryside, the windmills, the beaches and having picnics in Vondelpark.

One of the most popular tourist attractions, the museum Anne Frank Huis draws 1.25 million visitors every year. The somber atmosphere, with the remembrance of the atrocities faced by Jews more than half a century back reigns fresh in the minds of the visitors.

From the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Brown Cafes to charged pubs, you leave Amsterdam with a feeling of awe. Every district has its own life, its own mechanism and culture and one trip is never enough.