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Route Summary - Amsterdam to Maastricht

Travelling to Amsterdam is incomplete without stopping to explore the Belgian city of Maastricht. The experiences provided by both of these cities are contrasting and complimentary at the same time A thriving cultural and regional hub, Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Churches, city walls, colossal structures and big squares decorate the city. Visited by an enormous number of tourists every year, the city is famous for being one of a kind shopping and recreation destination.  The journey via car from Amsterdam to Maastricht is a magical experience in itself. With the gorgeous flora and fauna and the charming sights available on this route, it is one of a kind road trip. For added comfort and convenience, book a private cab so all you have to do is relax and rewind. Rydeu provides the best private car transfers from Amsterdam to Maastricht.

Rydeu strives to make every journey safe and enjoyable. The car rental cost from Amsterdam to Maastricht using Rydeu’s taxi services comes out to be extremely affordable and the services offer safety and comfort for long distance transfers from Amsterdam to Maastricht. Enjoy a stress-free journey between Amsterdam and Maastricht with Rydeu’s trusty transfer service.


Distance between Amsterdam and Maastricht– 131 miles

Journey time – 2 hr 20 min



From the breath-taking architecture, to the booming nightlife, Amsterdam provides something mesmerizing for everybody. Originated as a little fishing village, the first settlers of Amsterdam built dikes on each side of the river to stop flooding and afterward, built dams over the dikes. With canals crisscrossed over the town, a backdrop of progressive culture and quaint cafes, Amsterdam woos and dazzles everyone who comes here. One among the foremost popular tourist attractions, the museum Anne Frank Huis draws 1.25 million visitors per annum. The somber atmosphere, with the remembrance of the atrocities faced by Jews quite half a century back, reigns fresh within the minds of the visitors. From the van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Brown Cafes to charged pubs, you discover Amsterdam with a sense of awe. Every district has its own life, its own mechanism and culture and one trip aren't enough.


A thriving cultural and regional hub, Maastricht is one among the oldest cities within the Netherlands. Churches, city walls, colossal structures and large squares decorate the town .Visited by a huge number of tourists per annum , the town is legendary for being one among numerous shopping and recreation destinations. The highlight here includes the dreamy atmosphere one experiences while strolling within the inner historic centre. The town boasts of little districts that are filled with life and simultaneously showcase the history over time. Basilica of St. Servatius is a beautiful church dedicated to Saint Servatius. Don’t forget to admire the various relics within the church treasury which make it a well-liked pilgrimage site. For an exciting learning experience, visit the caves near Maastricht. Experience history yourself as you traverse the tunnels and hear the stories about life underground.