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Airport Transfers in Amsterdam

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Amsterdan Airport
Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam          |          Image by Skitterphoto

The third busiest airport in Europe, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol known informally as Schiphol Airport is the first stop on your trip. Located about 15 km from the center of the city, The Schiphol Airport is the best for transfers into the city.

Opened on16 September 1916 as a military airbase, the airport now provides worldwide connections. Operating as a ‘one-terminal’ airport, all the departure halls are in one building. This terminal building has three floors with each floor having a distinct function designated levels 1, 2 and 3. The terminal originates from the central shopping plaza in the airport, Schiphol Plaza.


Amsterdan Airport
Amsterdam, Airport Express        |       Image by Sylabo

The ground floor is exclusively used for arrivals where it is connected to a parking area P1 with a tunnel. This level has baggage storage, locker facilities, restaurants and information desks.

The first floor of the Schiphol Airport is used for departures and it has four departure lounges. There are eight departure gate facilities named B-C, D, E, F, G-H and M. It also has bars, restaurants and a children’s corner.The second floor has first aid centers and passenger amenities. Piers also known as concourses connect these different floors. The airport has four concourses.

For private business jets and small aircrafts, a specific General Aviation terminal was opened up in 2012.The airport has six runways, with the newest one which opened in 2003.The baggage handling is made efficient by the usage of robots. The ‘Baggage on Demand’ concept includes the process of storing 4200 bags using fully automated baggage buffers. Then, six robots load all the bags into containers and carts. This system is designed to handle 70 million bags per year.

A first of its kind globally, the airport boasts of a park which combines the waiting area with a park theme.Numerous options are available for transfers out of the airport. Being directly underneath the airport, the railway system provides a convenient method of transportation.Rydeu provides direct transfers out of the airport with cheap, easy and comfortable rides which are a click away.

Many transportation options are available for transfers out of the airport. At nights when there is no public transportation, when you have a lot of luggage, and when you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of public taxis,  private transportation emerges as the solution. Having a personal vehicle means that you save loads of your time expecting the subsequent bus or railway system to return to the station.

Rydeu offers a variety of options, suitable for all, ranging from budget and affordable rides to high-end luxury trips. Book a ride in advance to cash on the savings. Unlike a regular taxi, you will know your exact fare in advance. There are no hidden costs and you can even schedule your taxi to your specific time. You are helped to your luggage in the car and are taken to your destination with complete comfort.

Understanding the time sensitivity which comes with all trips, Rydeu provides a feasible 24 hour cancellation policy. An intra city trip can be cancelled up to 3 hours before a ride whereas an intercity trip can be cancelled 24 hours before.

Enjoy a stress-free journey between the airport and Amsterdam with Rydeu’s reliable transfer service. Rydeu provides a one-step solution to all your problems with its easy and hassle-free experience. Transfers from Schiphol Airport have never been easier!


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