Airport Transfers in Alicante

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Alicante Airport

If you are planning to take a perfect trip but with a bit of cultural and historical sights and a lot of parties and adventure, we do not see a better place than Alicante. Now that you have finally arrived at the land of beaches, lose yourself in the arms of comfort and book a taxi from Alicante Airport. The city does not offer numerous modes of transportation from the airport to the city centre as the city is small and walkable, two modes of transportation from the airport to the city centre are busses and taxis. 

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Alicante Airport         |    Image by sludgegulper from flickr 


Busses are considered to be a bliss for all the solo travellers and backpackers out there, Alicante Airport Taxi fares are a bit high as compared to the busses which might not be a boon for the backpackers. Take a C-6 bus line that functions throughout the year and leaves at the interval of every 20 minutes for the comfort of its traveller. The tickets can be bought at a price as cheap as 4 EUR and it takes approximately 25 minutes to land you amidst the chaos of the city. You can catch the bus from the second floor, outside the main building on the right side of the exit which is facing the airport. 


Due to the huge number of visitors coming to witness the ultimate beauty of the city, Alicante Airport private transfers remain the best mode of transportation as per the tourists. However, Alicante airport taxi cost may seem a bit high to the solo travellers, but it will provide the foremost comfort to every visitor, however, Rydeu has finally arrived to make taxi from Alicante Airport affordable for each and every tourist visiting the city. What are you waiting for? Book a taxi from Alicante Airport with Rydeu to avoid the hassle of travelling in public transportation.