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Alicante City Guide

Squatting on the Valencian Community, Alicante is a city which is bound to sway the breath of every traveller away. Known to be the capital of the Province of Alacant, this alluring city proved itself to be a historic Mediterranean port due to the rich culture and the dense history that it bears. The name Alicante is seen to be derived from the fact that the city boasts numerous white- sandy beaches that this part of the country displays.

Alicante Street      |        Image by Brett Hodnett from flickr 

Lined by numerous museums and churches, Alicante presents a view so rich that the travellers would not be able to soak all of it at once. The medieval fortress with baroque architecture designed with a luxurious interior that towers the entire city and a classic Mediterranean rustic town lined with peach coloured houses and cobblestones streets sums up the beauty of this city.



Sea port,Alicante        |        Image by Marauder Dawn from flickr 

From the adventure lovers to serenity seekers, the place shelters every sort of tourist that wants to witness the beauty of this magnificent city. During the warmer months when the sun is up, the visitors are often seen to enjoy swimming, soaking the healthy rays of the sun and sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. The sea port features numerous restaurants, bars and dining places from luxurious dining halls to a budget friendly bar. Make sure to pay a visit to the Old Town Quarter if you want to explore the hyped but worthy places of this vibrant town. 

Best Time To Visit Alicante

The city is known for its warm hospitality throughout the year, however, if you want to visit the city at the peak time when the area is filled with tourists and locals, make sure to book your tickets during the summers from June to September. The months are seen to host a lot of festivals during that time which will make your trip worth reminiscing throughout your lifetime. 


Alicante Taxi Transfers

It is usually said that a true traveller is the one who has the potential to keenly observe every minute sight of the surrounding walking over his foot. Alicante is a city that boasts numerous beaches and is known to be a rather compact city to boast a ton of public transportation, the sightseeing areas are situated in close proximity to each other and can be easily explored via walking which makes transfers from Alicante a rather easy one as compared to the rest of the cities in Spain.

Bus,Alicante       |        Image by sludgegulper from flickr 


If you are looking for cheap Alicante transfers from one part of the city to the other, make sure to check out the busses that run within the city for the comfort of its passengers. There are numerous lines, Line 24 usually serves the passengers to meander around the city while the line 24N is functional only during the night. A single ticket would cost somewhere around 1.45 EUR. 


Tram,Alicante      |        Image by Patrick1977Bln from flickr 


Trams are yet another mode of transport that can drop you off amidst the chaos of this vibrant city. You can consider taking the Mobilis card for wandering around if you are sure about taking public transport throughout your trip. A single ticket would fall somewhere around 2 EUR while a Mobilis can give you a card for 10 journeys in just 8.70 EUR. 


Alicante taxi service is one widely adopted mode of transportation in the city. While Alicante taxi price would seem to be a bit more to the solo travellers, however, the people travelling in groups find it a bliss to travel in the taxis avoiding the hassle of travelling in a public transport. If you are looking for the best Taxi service in Alicante, make sure to explore Rydeu for a great trip at a budget friendly price. 


Alicante Airport Transfers and Taxis

Alicante Airport also known as Altet (ALC) provides two modes of transportation that is bus and taxi. Airport transfers in Alicante are now made comfortable and hassle-free. The vibrant city is compact which makes it perfect for the travellers to soak in every bit of the beauty by walking, however when you are travelling from the airport to the city centre, you require nothing but the best facility.

Alicante Airport        |       Image by sludgegulper from flickr 


If it hadn’t been for the busses, half of the tourists and locals in the city would’ve had to travel or take the taxi. The C-6 bus lines are renowned and widely adapted to reach the vibrant city centre. It takes approximately 25 minutes and costs somewhere around 4 EUR to make the trip. 

Airport Taxi

When we travel, we want to lose ourselves to the serenity of the atmosphere keeping the nuisance and burden of our daily schedule away. Alicante Airport Taxi will save you from the hassle of travelling amidst the rush in a public transport. Alicante Airport Taxi Transfers are the most convenient mode of travelling while with luggage, book taxi from Alicante Airport with Rydeu to get the perfect combination of comfort and budget. Explore our rides for the accurate Alicante Airport Taxi cost. 


Known for its expansive beaches and resorts, it is a perfect amalgamation of adventure with history and rich culture. From water sports to simply sitting and enjoying the tranquillity of the beaches, the visitors will never get enough of this place. The top recommended places to explore in Rydeu are- 

Playa del Postiguet
Playa del Postiguet       |        Image by jryomismo from flickr 

1.Playa del Postiguet

Based on the foot of Castillo de Santa Barbara (Santa Bárbara castle) this is an 800 m stretch of a beach. The sandy beach offers a picturesque surrounding with the rising and falling water shores, there are numerous bars and restaurants lined along the market which offers fresh seafood and rare alcohol to its visitors. The beach is usually seen to be very compact due to the huge crowd that comes over here to enjoy the tan, so before you plan to soak this amazing view, make sure to work out on your visiting timing.

Address: El Postiguet Beach, Carrer de Jovellanos, 542, 03002 Alicante, Spain.

Town Hall
Town Hall,Alicante        |        Image by marcustankus from flickr

2. Plaza de San Cristobal

Dating back to the 15th century, there are numerous gothic churches and remarkable historical structures in the Old Town Quarter of Alicante. One of the most significant places to visit over here is Alicante Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) crafted with baroque architecture and consists of the rare paintings of the local artists and unique artefacts that makes this place as one of the best places to visit in Alicante. 

Location: Plaza de San Cristóbal, 03002 Alicante, Spain.



Alicante Travel Tips

What is best Alicante to Seville transport?

Seville is the capital of Spain's southern Andalusia place and the top tourist vacation spot in the south.The town sits on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, connecting the agricultural indoors of the Guadalquivir valley with the sea. It has some of the most astonishing points of interest in Spain and an exciting tradition of fiestas and fun. Alicante is a port city on Spain’s southeastern Costa Blanca, and the capital of the Alicante province. Its historic town, Barrio de la Santa Cruz, has narrow streets, colored houses, and a nightlife scene. Here are the top 5 matters you can enjoy in Alicante. 1. Castillo de Santa Barbara It suggests archaeological materials from different historic durations which have been observed in exceptional archaeological 2. Guadalest Valley The limitless blue sky is mirrored in the water of the valley lake and contrasted using the massif of the surrounding… 4. Alicante Tram A modern, clean, and air-conditioned tram journey to Benidorm that follows the coast and goes via tunnels in the hills. 5. Passeig Esplanada d'Espanya It stretches opposite the marina with about 6.5 million red, black, and cream tiles. Distance is nearly round 600km from Alicante to Seville airport. If you choose to take your time and make stops along the way, you can book a non-public switch or a long-distance taxi. Between the cities, you can visit important vacation spots in Spain. Private transfers are extra cozy and supply premium services. offers you a secure booking system online and thrilling offers like the pay later option, 60 mins free wait for airport pick-ups, and many more. You can check for prebooking and other information.

What is the distance between Alicante and Benidorm?

Driving from Alicante to Benidorm takes about 45 minutes and a straight line distance covers about 45 km. Benidorm is located nearly on North East side of Alicante. There are many options to reach Benidorm. If you prefer a relaxed and well-organized arrival, we recommend booking a transfer in advance. Private transfers are pre-bookable transport services and provide premium comfort at inexpensive prices.

How to book a taxi from Alicante to Javea?

Javea is situated on the most easterly point of mainland Spain 103 km from Alicante airport to the south and 123 km from Valencia airport to the north. Getting a private transfer or a long-distance taxi to Javea from Alicante is extremely convenient due to the fact your driver will take you without delay to your lodging choices such as your Javea hotel. This is the fastest and most handy way to get to Javea. For pre-booking a transfer, you can check offer customer-friendly drivers so you can make your journey smooth and safe. You can also have plenty of options that suit your group size and provides excellent services including cancel anytime options and different payment methods. For pre-booking and other details, visit our homepage

What does Alicante to Valencia taxi cost?

The transfer time from Valencia to Alicante is about 2 hours. It is an estimated transfer time and does not take into account traffic and road conditions. Depending on which carrier you book, the one-way ticket fare starts from around €16.30 and upward in price. But typically speaking, you can count on paying around the €20 mark.

What are some cheap hotels in Alicante city?

Alicante (ALC) is a magnificent holiday spot to explore. Whether you are looking for family-friendly lodging or business-oriented hotels, you will stumble on it all in this a chortle vacation spot. Here, we listed the cheap and most booked hotels in Alicante. 1. Hotel Maya Alicante (1.3km from the center) Set at the foot of Santa Barbara Castle, Hotel Maya is a 5-minute walk from Alicante Beach. It has a seasonal outdoor pool, free WiFi, and a gym with panoramic views. 2. Alicante Hills (4.5 km from the center) Situated just 4 km from Alicante Airport, Alicante Hills offers an outdoor swimming pool and a cafeteria. 3. Old Town Alicante ( 500m from center) Situated in Alicante, 1.1 km from Postiguet Beach, Old Town Alicante features air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi and express check-in and check-out. 4. Boutique Apartment by the Sea (350 m from center) Set a few steps from the Procathedral of San Nicolás de Bari, the Boutique Apartment by the Sea is an apartment with a kitchen in Alicante. 5. Socorro 11 (1.1 km from center) Socorro 11 is set in Alicante, 700 m from the Provincial Archaeology Museum of Alicante. You can reach the destination through bus, car, taxi or mini-taxi. Preferably, Private transfers are cozy and provide premium services. offers you a secure booking process online and premium service at inexpensive prices. You can cancel the plans at any time with zero payment charge. For pre-booking and further information, visit for amazing offers.

How to travel from Alicante to Moraira?

Moraira is a small Spanish coastal town, part of Teulada (also known as Teulada-Moraira) municipality, 80 km north of Alicante and 100 km south of Valencia. It is a tourist resort on the Costa Blanca strip, with 8 km of coastline backed by mountains and vineyards. It is the most economical and cost-effective way to travel from Alicante to the Moraira. The preferable method to get from Alicante to Moraira is to book a long-distance taxi or private transfer. If you're seeking a time-bound journey at affordable prices, then pre-book your transfer at You can customize travel plans as Rydeu gives much priority to customers' comfort. We offer customer-friendly drivers so you can make your journey smooth and safe. You can also have plenty of options that suit your group size and provides excellent services including cancel anytime options and different payment methods

What is the best way to get from Alicante to Benidorm?

The best way to get from Alicante to Benidorm is by booking a private transfer or a long-distance taxi. It might bring you to avoid standing in a long queue to book your tickets. The hassle of train travel makes it not worth the journey. For taking several hours of your precious vacation time, it is not advisable to travel on public transport. Private transfers are pre-bookable private transfers that make your journey more comfortable. For a private transfer, you can prefer charge is greater affordable. There are no extra charges as can be the case with taxis. A transfer is custom-tailored as per your needs. We come up with exciting offers starting from a secure online booking process, cancel anytime, 60 mins of free wait, and many more. For pre-booking and other information, you can visit Have fun and gusty ride with

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