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Alicante City Guide

Squatting on the Valencian Community, Alicante is a city which is bound to sway the breath of every traveller away. Known to be the capital of the Province of Alacant, this alluring city proved itself to be a historic Mediterranean port due to the rich culture and the dense history that it bears. The name Alicante is seen to be derived from the fact that the city boasts numerous white- sandy beaches that this part of the country displays.

Alicante Street      |        Image by Brett Hodnett from flickr 

Lined by numerous museums and churches, Alicante presents a view so rich that the travellers would not be able to soak all of it at once. The medieval fortress with baroque architecture designed with a luxurious interior that towers the entire city and a classic Mediterranean rustic town lined with peach coloured houses and cobblestones streets sums up the beauty of this city.



Sea port,Alicante        |        Image by Marauder Dawn from flickr 

From the adventure lovers to serenity seekers, the place shelters every sort of tourist that wants to witness the beauty of this magnificent city. During the warmer months when the sun is up, the visitors are often seen to enjoy swimming, soaking the healthy rays of the sun and sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. The sea port features numerous restaurants, bars and dining places from luxurious dining halls to a budget friendly bar. Make sure to pay a visit to the Old Town Quarter if you want to explore the hyped but worthy places of this vibrant town. 

Best Time To Visit Alicante

The city is known for its warm hospitality throughout the year, however, if you want to visit the city at the peak time when the area is filled with tourists and locals, make sure to book your tickets during the summers from June to September. The months are seen to host a lot of festivals during that time which will make your trip worth reminiscing throughout your lifetime.