Airport Transfers in Aarhus

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There are a plethora of transportation facilities available for travelling to and from the Aarhus airport . From budget-friendly public transport facilities to comfortable private transport facilities, the city provides its tourists and travellers with a myriad of airport transportation options! While the public transport facilities entail public buses and Letbanen, - Denmark's first light rail - the private transport facilities include private taxis and bicycles.

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Aarhus buses to town        |         Image by Lav Ulv from flickr 

The public transport facilities will be easy on your pocket, but they could be tiresome, and perhaps, less safe than the private transport facilities. Taking a private taxi from Aarhus airport remains the best way to explore the city! 

The following transportation options are available for airport transfers in Aarhus :

Airport bus

Airport buses are available for the transportations of the tourists and travellers to and from the airport. The buses stop at the central railway station. The cost of tickets is around DKK 100 per person, and the time taken by the buses to reach downtown is approximately 50 minutes.


The tourists can hire self-driven cars for travelling to and from the Aarhus airport! There are a plethora of car-rental agencies from where the tourists can rent a self-driven car for themselves. The cost per day for the cars vary from DKK 96 to DKK 570, depending on the kind of car the tourists wish to hire.


Alternatively, one could also travel from the Aarhus airport by tram. The Trams are budget friendly, and take less time to reach the central railway station in Aarhus. Although travelling by a tram could be exhausting, it is preferred by the tourists for its economical tickets, the costs of which hover around DKK 22.


The best option for travelling to and from the Aarhus airports remains a private taxi. The private taxis in Aarhus are comfortable, safer, and could be customized according to the needs of the tourists! The cost of private taxis in Aarhus are calculated by the distance travelled. The cost per kilometer is DKK 9.

Rydeu offers private taxi services in Aarhus for airport transfers. At Rydeu, there are a myriad of exciting offers to choose from. Rydeu takes care of the pocket-restraints, mood, and needs of the tourists, and thus, offers lavish and budget-friendly rides, both!