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A city nestled in the Danish region, Jutland, Aalborg has a rich cultural history of more than a thousand years. A city and port, it had marked its existence in AD 700. Despite its humble and lively countenance, the country has had its share of a painful past. 


Alborg University
Alborgh University      |        Image by  Mr Thinktank from flickr

The city saw the death of about 2000 soldiers during a religious civil war, the Count's war. It was only after a century that the city regained its prime, and then went on to become the country's second-largest city. Currently, the fourth largest in Denmark, this city is a popular tourist attraction, and is known for its art, architecture, fascinating culture, rich historical significance, and delectable cuisines!


Alborgus castle
Aalborghus castle        |        Image by Rüdiger Stehn from flickr


Aalborg, though already known for trade and industries,became a hub for education and research with the establishment of the Aalborg University in 1974. A town lined with historical buildings, Aalborg has carefully and safely cradled valuable historical relics, which hold a major chunk of tourist-attraction in the city. The city, like most Danish cities, is small and cozy. Teeming with life, the city is so vibrant that it can brighten up a gloomy face! Aalborg has something for every tourist that travels its streets; from mesmerizing sites to exquisite shops for the tourists to buy from, the city never runs out of ways to amuse the humans!

The Aalborghus castle, budolfi church, Kildeparken, and Egholm are some of the reasons why this city should definitely be on your itinerary! If you do decide to visit this city, do not forget to try some mouth-watering cuisines and drinks at Fontænen and Jomfru Ane Gade respectively.

The city has only one international airport, the Aalborg airport. The city never has a habit to care for its every single tourist! The airport Transfers in Aalborg are very convenient and comfortable! The airport has several transport facilities lined outside of it! From public transport facilities like buses, to private transport facilities like taxis and car-rentals, the tourists have multiple options to choose from!

All in all, visiting Aalborg will turn out to be the best decision you would have ever made! The city is one-of-a-kind and will have you dewy-eyed once you let it embrace your soul!


Aalborg has a surfeit of transport facilities for travelling in and around the city! The city will never leave you stranded! From budget-friendly public transportations to comfortable private transportations, the city keeps in mind the needs and wants of the travellers! 


Taking a bus is an economical option for travelling in and around Aalborg. The buses offer convenient rides, and are safe. The tourists have an option to get themselves a "rejsekort" travelcard made for cheaper travels! Alternatively, one can also get a "periodekort" travelcard made for travelling for a fixed period of time.

Train, Aalborg        |        Image by  LHOON  from flick


While travelling by train to the places nearby Aalborg, is an excellent option, there are no train services for travelling in the city! A bummer? Definitely not! There are several other options for you to choose from, for travelling in the city!


Bus, Aalborg
Bus,Aalborg     |        Image by Kim-B10M from flickr 



Hiring a self-driven car is the most exciting way of travelling in the city! There are a plethora of car-rental agencies offering self-drive cars for hire! To travel at your own pace is not a dream anymore! 


Well, even after all the convenient, and exciting ways of transportation mentioned above, to book a taxi in Aalborg is the best way of transportation! Taxis in Aalborg are the safest, and most comfortable! The best part? You can customize them! Nobody wants to worry on their vacation, and taxi services in Aalborg ensure one's utmost comfort, convenience and adventure! 

Rydeu has made it easier to book pickup taxis in Aalborg! Ride with Rydeu, on your budget-friendly or luxurious rides, which suit your pocket and your mood!




Once you land in this gorgeous city, you will surely be faced with the task of choosing a transport facility for airport transfer to Aalborg.

Well, worry not! Aalborg airport Transfers are convenient and comfortable!

There is only one international airport on the mainland of Aalborg :

Bus Terminal, Aalborg
Bus Terminal,Aalborg       |       Image by aka CJ from flickr

Aalborg airport

Aalborg is a city that cares for all of its tourists and travellers! The city prioritizes one's convenience over anything! 

Aalborg has a plethora of transport facilities for travelling to and from the airport! The transportation options are quite agreeable, and the tourists are relaxed and comfortable throughout their rides. 

The transfer facilities to and from the Aalborg airport comprise economical public transportation like buses and congenial and adventurous private transportations like self-driven cars and taxis!

Aalborg airport to city transport facilities range from public transportation private transportations such as: 


Since the airport is not yet connected to the city's railway line, buses are the only form of public transport available for travelling to and from the airport. With tickets costing around DKK 22 per hour, Aalborg bus rides are budget-friendly, and the most economical way of getting to your accommodation!


One of the best private transport services offered in the city is that of the car-rental agencies! You can hire a self-driven car and can ferry yourself to your location! The cars are rented out at around DKK 147 per day, and with all the perks, are definitely worth it!


Well, here it is! The best way of travelling to and from the Aalborg airport! Aalborg airport taxi costs around DKK 200, and is very comfortable!

 Aalborg taxi fares are reasonable and will never burn a hole in your pocket! While the public transport facilities can exhaust you, and hiring a self-driven car, straight after quite a journey can mess up your plans for the day, a taxi will relax you and give you all the time to absorb the beauty, and stare in awe at the streets of the city! 

Rydeu offers airport transfers in Aalborg! From budget-friendly to luxurious rides, Rydeu takes care of your pocket and your needs! Select one of the most exciting offers by Rydeu, and travel comfortably in your customized ride!
e transportation options are quite agreeable, and the tourists are relaxed and comfortable throughout their rides. 

The transfer facilities to and from the Aalborg airport comprise economical public transportation like buses and congenial and adventurous private transportations like self-driven cars and taxis! 



Aalborg is a city of wonders! The city offers a myriad of sightseeing attractions to its tourists and travellers! The city has a place for every soul! Every site calls for the touristy souls, implores them to unravel the untouched mysteries, and ferries them to a quaint land of nostalgic feelings.

Some of the most exciting places for you to explore in Aalborg are :

1. The architectural Utzon Center

Utzon Center
Utzon Center        |        Image by Šarūnas Burdulis from flickr 

Are you a fan of the Sydney Opera House? If yes, you should definitely visit this place that reminisces its designer, Jørn Utzon! An architectural marvel itself, the Utzon centre showcases the works of Jørn Utzon! The exhibitions will definitely startle you!

You can travel to this amazing place by booking a budget-friendly or a luxurious ride with Rydeu! Choose from the offers by us or by our suppliers and travel in your customized ride! 


House of music
House of music        |        Image by Mr Thinktank from flickr

2. The dramatic House of Music

Overlooking the Aalborg waterfront, and a place that often hosts concerts, the dramatic house of music is a great place for music lovers! Soother your musical nerves by giving a visit to this wondrous place!

Don't think much! Book an adventurous ride with Rydeu, and ride to this one-of-a-kind place comfortably and safely in your lavish or economical private taxi!




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